I made this box to carry the rings for my wedding. It's constructed of aged cherry wood from the farm where I grew up and hard maple. The M + K stand for Michael and Kim.


The concept was a simple box with corners made from adjoining two 45 degree angles. The bottom fits into the sides of the box via a slot that runs along the perimeter. The top is cherry and the edge molding and sides are hard maple. The hinges and clasp were purchased at Michaels. The original idea was inspired by THIS project. Here's the 3D model.



The cherry top and the sides were all cut on the table saw. The groove into which the bottom piece slides was also cut on the table saw. The heart was cut on the bandsaw and that detailed letters, numbers, and arrow were removed using a dremel rotary tool and inlaid with epoxy and ebony saw dust. At first, I wanted to make the arrow with maple sawdust, but the result wasn't too appealing. So I removed it and replaced it with ebony sawdust...much better! Once it was finished, the box was coated multiple times with brush-on Minwax polyurethane.

Posted on April 27, 2015 .