This prop is a Sith data holocron from the Old Republic era that sits atop an ancient Sith monument with Aurebesh inscriptions that read PASSION, HATRED, TERROR, and VENGEANCE.

Concept Development

The pyramid was used as the shape for the holocron, based on the designs shown here. Simplicity was key with this prop due to the severely limited time available for design and construction, which lasted a mere two days. The shape was to be an obelisk, with a detachable pyramid on top. The pyramid was designed to house bright red LEDs and have smoked acrylic window panes. This gives the appearance of black shiny sides when the lights are off and the ominous red glow when on. The overall look was intended to be a dark grey stone.

The Obelisk

The obelisk was made of 1/2" MDF and 1/4" hardboard. I'm not sure if an further explanation is needed!

The Holocron

Final Product

Posted on December 27, 2014 and filed under Prop.